Many in the Western Cape in South Africa were not fortunate enough to deal with the aftermath of the warnings of a gripping cold front that made its way to Cape Town. By all measures, this seems to just the beginning of more inclement weather forecasted for South Africa, and especially the Western Cape.

This morning, as many in the region woke up to the aftermath of heavy rains during the night, Quinton Adams made his way to Khayelitsha to identify ways to help families in the community to cope with the devastating impact of adverse weather that hit Cape Town.

His live feed from Facebook provides a glimpse of the appalling conditions following the heavy rains, the deep concerns of ordinary people facing deeply painful realities and the imposing gloom that perplexes an already dehumanizing residential situation.

During an earlier feed, Quinton spoke directly to families who were affected by the storm and subsequent flood, confirming a media report yesterday of the devastation.

The team is already on site to act on the needs Quinton identified in his earlier assessment.